Break-In Blocker System
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Break-In Blocker System
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About Us

Our Mission is to have our Residential and Commercial systems installed wherever the chance of an intruder threatens the safety and security of you, your loved ones, or your possessions. We strive for ease of installation and no additional attention on your part to prevent forced entry.

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“Sovilok” is a registered trademark of Sovilok Manufacturing. Our company is the sole distributor of the Sovilok systems and the Sovilok installation kit. We have exclusive patent rights to the products. Our company holds a residential builders license in the State of Michigan.

The component parts of our Residential product are Stainless Steel. They are cast by Milwaukee Precision Casting Corporation in Milwaukee Wisconsin. the company has been an industry leader in precision casting for over 45 years. visit their site at

Our Commercial Pins are manufactured by F & H Manufacturing, Inc., Jackson, Michigan. A family owned and operated business with a rich family history and commitment to quality. visit their site at

The Installation kit components are made by Do-All Plastic Inc. in Detroit, Michigan, a generation Plastics manufacturer.

Commercial Packaging is supplied by Andex Industries Inc., a leader in thermoforming for over 50 years. All operations, including design and manufacturing are in Escanaba, Michigan.

Residential packaging is supplied by Display Pack in Cedar Springs, Michigan. visit them at

Endurance testing of our product was conducted at our facility and filmed by Equinox Productions, LLC, Flint, Michigan.

We pride ourselves in the ability of our BREAK-IN-BLOCKER  product line to Prevent forced entry.Stick Logo