Door Frame Reinforcement, by SOVILOK

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Donald L., Fremont, CA "This is a really great product. I'm actually a little surprised there isn't much talk about it on discussion forums, etc. It's a great alternative to the ugly steel jamb armor plates, and priced about the same, plus it protects both the lock side and the hinge side. Installation was actually a piece of cake using the instructions on your website."

Helen J., Youngstown, OH, "Thank you so much for Sovilok. With my husband now in rehabilitation, I feel so much safer at night at home. knowing my door is secure."

Stewart B., Flint, MI "We have Sovilok installed in our garage side door and the door from the garage to our home. I really like how these grip into the studs."

Mike F., Zeeland, MI "I travel a lot for my job leaving a wife and children at home. After 5 years in the Second Marine Division, I place a premium on peace of mind and home security. The Sovilok is a simple and robust system that will really lock the door on the bad guys. Great product, easy to install, invisible while in use and made in the USA."